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Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts

Attention: looking for someone to run the matchday experience!

Posted by Ix Techau over 8 years ago · 13 replies

I have a few ideas for Arsenal Report that are pretty easy to code but would have to be maintained by someone else, as I'm currently too busy running the Injury Room, updating the Transfer Centre, trying to keep topics going and also fixing bugs and adding stuff to the platform.

The next idea I had in mind would be a fixture list, with TV availability and maybe even stream links posted. In addition, I want to add a prediction game to matchday threads, with everyone selecting W, D or L before a game and then get karma points based on how well they do over the season.

But for this to work, we need someone in charge of that. This person would:

  • Keep the fixtures list up to date, making sure it's quickly edited if matches are moved for TV, or if anything else comes up.

  • Keep the fixtures list populated with what TV channels are showing the game, perhaps also be on top of stream links.

  • Lock matchday threads before the game starts, so people can't cheat in predicting results.

  • Update the matchday thread after the game with the correct final score and add a few stats (possession, goalscorers, etc).

So it's not exactly a hard job, but it needs someone who is available to react quickly to fixture changes, and someone who would enjoy being in charge of that stuff. This person would also become part of the AR team, and therefore a moderator of sorts.

If you're interested, let me know. Please don't say you want to do it if you're not 100% sure you a) can, or b) really want to.


Posted over 8 years ago by QueenElizabeth

Sounds great! I'm interested too!

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