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Final version of the Third/Cup Kit
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Arsenal Wallpapers (Mobile)
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Getting a 500 error when I try to edit a comment I posted.

And, for new features:

Instagram and Twitter like mentions so that you can @ users within a post/comment. Private message system.

Posted in Feature requests, bug reports, etc

Arsenal 2016

Posted in Arsenal Wallpapers (Mobile)


Search bar.

  • A search bar would be a good addition. Also include Facebook/Twitter like search for player names that lead to their profiles.

Better player profiles.

  • Add more information to player profiles. e.g. Squad number, Stats, Records they hold/held, Preferred positions/roles, Preferred foot, Favourite cereal, Fun facts.
Posted in Arsenal Report celebrating five years!

but the problem is he prefers the right side.

You know nothing

Posted in The Almighty 2015 Summer Transfer Window Thread

1-0, Giroud

2-0, Iwobi

3-0, Chamberlain

4-0, Ramsey

5-0, Ozil

6-0, Cazorla

Posted in Matchday Thread - Emirates Cup - 25-26 July 2015

Walcott signed a new deal.

Posted in The Almighty 2015 Summer Transfer Window Thread