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Usmanov: Stadium move cost Arsene 'best years of his career'
Created over 8 years ago · 0 comments
Arsenal players 'photobomb' unsuspecting fans
Created over 8 years ago · 2 comments
[RUMOR] Arsenal accept £4m bid for Flamini from Galatasaray
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This thread is mental.

Posted in Buying Ozil was a mistake

I read that Ozil and Alexis will start.

Posted in Matchday Thread - Arsenal v Bayern - 20 October 2015

Man like Bamzooki presenter Jake Humphrey turns full ITK:"A source who is rarely wrong tells me Arsenal are close to the signing that would make them genuine contenders. We shall see..."

It's not going to be Benzema, it's going to be Kalou.

Posted in The Almighty 2015 Summer Transfer Window Thread

Glad that he will get some regular playing time with a proper EPL team.

They've got quite the team, especially once they confirm Rondon.

Posted in Loan watch


What about ALDI?

Posted in MiniManager v3 - new features, beta testing and lols

The only advantages of Benzema over Giroud is that he has more pace and dribbling. His passing is also good.But his finishing isn't better than Giroud's. Could be even worse.It';s hard to say how he'd play at Arsenal without having to play in Ronaldo's shadow. I'd prefer Lewandowski. But Benzema would also do.

That isn't true. Benzema's finishing is better than Giroud's, but Giroud is just better at those 'near post flicks'. I would also prefer Lewandowski, but I don't think he's a viable option.

Posted in The Almighty 2015 Summer Transfer Window Thread

I'd love to be a tester as well. Experienced web/mobile product guy, so I know my stuff ;)

Name 1 mobile phone manufacturer.

Posted in MiniManager v3 - new features, beta testing and lols

Isn't our youth team starting in the second division or something, next season?

Posted in Arsenal reach final of Durban tournament

As far as I'm aware, both Dean and Geoff have the same mate, which is one of the low-tier employees at Colney. This guy doesn't know anymore about transfers than we do, but he is privy to starting line-ups about 30-45 minutes before they're officially announced (because it's posted on the internal system apparently), and occasionally he picks up rumours at Colney that have some weight to them.For the most part though, it's all cleverly designed cold-reading guesswork. Both Dean and Geoff constantly delete tweets that never came true, and not many call them out on it. And like every other ITK they are intentionally vague. Best example is Geoff's pre-Özil tweet: "Arsenal will sign a German international".The only reason I know this is because I was in a meeting related to a potential MiniManager investment with someone who has known Geoff for a long time, and he told me all sorts of juicy things.

That's pretty interesting and I figured as much. Nobody knows a thing outside of that Arsenal boardroom.

Posted in Wilshere faces months out after tackle by Gabriel in training

I hope we get rid of Joel because he's useless.

Posted in Loan watch