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Mourinho claims Chelsea have a "moral right" to buy players

Posted by Ix Techau almost 9 years ago · 2 replies

Oh how history is so easily re-written in the fantasy world that is José Mourinho's fascinating mind. In a recent interview he actually claimed that the reason Chelsea are able to buy expensive players is because they also sell talent, insinuating that Chelsea is self-sustainable.

What Mourinho failed to mention is that the talent Chelsea has to sell is a direct result of Roman Abramovich pumping money into the club for more than a decade. In fact, he has spent almost £2 billion in total since he bought the club in 2003-2004, and the net transfer spend in his first ten years was around £500m. Yes you read that right, a net spend of half a billion.

What Mourinho is doing is essentially buying a player for £50m, then selling another player for £30m and claiming Chelsea are making money because look...they just sold a player for £30m.

The board has worked so well over the years in making money with sales that if somebody has the right – the moral right – to do that, then I say that Chelsea is one of them.

"Making money with sales" Chelsea are £500m in the red from transfers. They'll have to sell £500m worth of players to break even on transfers, so no...Chelsea haven't been making money on transfers since before the Invincibles were running rampant in London and Chelsea were some unknown club pretending to be top tier.

What he also failed to mention is that Chelsea's latest scheme is to throw cash around to hoard talent and loan it out until they're ready to play for Chelsea or get sold. Any club could do that, if they had enough cash of course.

Mourinho is now trying to build the illusion of self-sustainability, to make Chelsea look like anything else than a club funded by dirty oil money that only exists today because Roman Abramovich woke up bored on his yacht one day and thought 'might as well'.

Even if we forget about the £500m net spend on players since 2003-2004, do Chelsea really think they would be in a position to "develop" (hoard) talent and sell it for profit if Abramovich hadn't pumped cash into the club's training ground, academy, infrastructure, commercial deals, etc?

All above is just one of the reasons why Chelsea is the ultimate example of everything that is wrong with football today. It's a mid-table club that only competes because of financial doping.

Chelsea supporters will of course argue that it was the appointment of Mourinho and some good signings that gave them success, completely ignoring that without Abramovich's wallet there would be no Mourinho, nor any Drogba nor all the other players instrumental to their early success.

Chelsea supporters will also argue that Arsenal has spent more cash than Chelsea have, and that our wage bills are the same. Even if that was true (it's not), they seem oblivious to the fact that we earned that money. We weren't handed it by some shady bond villain looking for something to do in between ripping people off and exploiting natural resources.

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