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Polish wonderkid Krystian Bielik reveals Wenger talks

Posted by Ix Techau over 9 years ago · 33 replies

16-year old defensive midfielder Krystian Bielik has been talking to the Polish press about his Arsenal trials:

Wenger told me what he sees in me, then asked about my strengths. It turns out that we had a similar opinion. He said I would start training with the first team under his guidance, and then it all depends on me. He knows that I have the skills, that I am determined to win and he wants to sign me as soon as possible to start working with me.

I would train with the first team and play in the junior teams, U18, U19 or U21, and Wenger says that if I am good enough to stay in the first team, I will remain in it.


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Bielik with a full interview in Polish newspaper.

On going to Hamburg a few days ago:

I wanted to see how the club operates. From the coach Josef Zinnbauer I heard a lot of nice things. He told me that I fit into his concept that he saw me as an attacking midfielder for the so-called nr 8 position. I heard that in six months I would be an important element of his team.

I actually took a train with my parents. Indeed, this was one of the bargaining chips by the German club, who tried to entice me by saying that I would have a good, comfortable and fast rail link with Poland.

Yes [Hamburg offered me a better deal than Arsenal], but not by much.

On why he chose Arsenal over Hamburg:

First of all, because of Arsene Wenger. He is a legend, the boss as they call him at Arsenal. In Hamburg, the team has a very young coach and their target for this season is to avoid the relegation from Bundesliga. This also had an impact. Yes, Zinnbauer assured me that in the new season he would be putting emphasis on the young players, but such plans could be risky. Things may go the wrong way. Certainly it will be harder for me to get through at Arsenal. But if I succeed in three or four years, I will be at the footballing top. After all, this is one of the best clubs in Europe and certainly better than HSV. I'm going to London to fulfill my dreams. I want to prove to the manager that he did not make a mistake by signing me. But it does not mean that my goal is playing in the first team right away. I'm not ready yet.

On being nervous about his move to by far the greatest team the world has ever seen:

Only a fool would not be. Of course I am. [Why?] Nothing big. I believe in my skills, but I'm going to a new place, a big club and I do not really know what to expect. They will certainly be ups and downs. But I already experienced some of them despite my young age. At 14 I had an injury which ruled me out of the game for seven months. It was a tough time. I was living in a boarding school in Poznan, without my parents. Not only I missed them, I was unable to practice. But I managed to go through. Immediately after the injury I went to the finals of the Nike Cup tournament, after which I went permanently to the Lech Poznan Academy.

On other Legia players moving abroad during the January window and failing:

I do not look at my transfer that way. I know that people try to draw parallels - as usual - but it comes mostly from people who've never played football. Let's forget it.

On who he's travelling to London with:

With Paul Hardej who works with my manager Cezary Kucharski and Tom Pasieczny who is an Arsenal scout. The initial plan is that on Friday I have to pass the medical. Saturday should be quiet. My parents arrive on Sunday and on Monday I sign the contract.

On living arrangements:

To begin with I will stay in a hotel. After two or three weeks I will move with one of the English families that work with Arsenal. The rules are that all the players who are not of legal age get to billet with such families.

On language:

I will not pretend that my English is sensational. Over the last six months I worked on it and I can understand everything. Fluent talking is not there yet. But I think I will be able to master it quickly. I will be living with an English family and will have three hours of lessons a day. I'll be fine.

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Posted over 9 years ago by Patron

Do you guys think he'll get some first team action this season?

Patron Experiences frequent chest pains from watching Arsenal 5 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Patron

Very tidy work and seems very composed on the ball for someone his age. Couple of misplaced long balls, but you can definitely see the vision is there. Decent tackles as well.

Receding hairline.

Patron Experiences frequent chest pains from watching Arsenal 5 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Patron

I just realised that he's still 17, which means that he can still grow and he's already 6'4".

Look out, Peter Crouch.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Some new quotes from Wenger...he seems impressed:

I would say, considering his age, he’s more one for the future. But let’s be open minded and let [him] surprise us. The first signs that we see are very positive in training. Because they had the winter break in Poland, we are just at the starting point of building him up fitness-wise.

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