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VA10 Football God 4,806 pts


Posted by VA10 almost 9 years ago · 5 replies

What the hell is wrong with our youth teams? They seem to be losing every game! Our U21s are in the 2nd division as well... Any thoughts? I had very high hopes after Jonker came in. Maybe he needs time?


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by Ix Techau

I think the simple answer is that our youth players aren't anywhere near as good as Arsenal supporters believe they are. We've heard for many years that our academy is one of the best in the country, but there is no actual evidence for that. Compared to clubs like Southampton, Dortmund or Man Utd we're amateurs.

Ashley Cole and Jack Wilshere are the only two players I can think of that came through our academy and went on to become successful international players.

Morleys Mesut Özil > You and your mum, chief 4,431 pts
Posted almost 9 years ago by Morleys

Since Wenger came in we haven't really had any breakthrough players. The only world-class player to come through our academy is Ashley Cole.

We re-devleoped the academy in what, 2000? We should be reaping the rewards now, but because of ineptitude from Chippy and the other backroom staff, we've been held back for a few generations.

Jonker has came in with a task that will only be shown in years time. He's brought in De Kat and some other bloke but Brady's men like Gatting and Laraman will probably get shown the door sooner rather than later.

But this isn't just a problem for us, many teams don't have a successful academy in England anymore, and it's down to grassroots football which is a massive problem in England. Although players like Bamford and Wilson are coming through for our rivals and they look impressive.

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