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Two years ago today, Pep shattered Cesc's dreams and left Barca in turmoil

Posted by Ix Techau over 8 years ago · 22 replies

27 April 2012. Pep Guardiola gathers the world's press and his players to announce 'four years is enough', and that he would quit like a pussy at the end of the season because of 'pressure'. Quisling mercenary Cesc Fabregas is seen in the press conference next to his best mate Pique almost shedding a tear, realising the era is coming to an end just eight months after forcing his way out of Arsenal = lol.

The decision to leave was sound, as Pep realised he had taken Barca as far as they were going to go. Tiki-taka was being phased out as the dominant approach, and there was no way he could have taken Barca further in a world where solid def-counters were becoming fashionable.

A few months later, football agent Francois Gallardo is quoted in AS claiming Guardiola quit because Sandro Rosell refused his request for a renewal to adapt Barca for a new era, moving away from the xenophobic catalunya approach and getting rid of a few players who weren't fitting in, Fabregas included:

Guardiola put to Sandro Rosell four conditions to renew. Among them was the sale of four players – Dani Alves, Gerard Pique, Cesc Fabregas and David Villa. Pep saw the first three were not committed, and wanted Villa to leave for sporting reasons. Guardiola was especially disappointed with Cesc as a person, since he had asked for the move then failed him. Rosell knew these players were untouchable and fans would not accept their sale.

So, in effect, Fabregas' move to Barca was a huge part in why the collapse happened. Barca couldn't get rid of him after tapping him up for years, and Guardiola needed to renew the team to stay competitive.

Funny part is that when Cesc decided to follow in his idol's footsteps and quit like a little bitch, Barca weren't exactly begging for him to stay. Here's what Fabregas said himself about the day he decided to move:

I called Zubizarreta and I knew by the response that I got that I was doing them a favour – it was the best thing for them and for me

Meanwhile, Fabregas is now stuck in a team where creativity and fun is suppressed in favour of trophy grinds, and Guardiola was handed a perfect well-oiled machine-like team that could win trophies without even having a manager.

Life is funny that way. Decisions, ey?

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Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Ix Techau

Yes my point was that it's very hard and tricky to get into a squad as strong as that one, let alone after they win everything.

Yeah but still...let's be honest. If you inherit a team like Heynckes' Bayern, it's not like you need to be an excellent manager to keep that machine ticking. David Moyes could probably have done well with that team. I think the fact that Guardiola felt the need to change an already perfect team is just one more flaw in his managerial skills. And it shows of arrogance as well that he thinks he could improve that team in any way.

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