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Praxeum Slappin Da Bass Monn 1,141 pts

What's your local team, and do you support them?

Posted by Praxeum about 9 years ago · 11 replies

Grew up in southern Sweden, so mine is Helsingborg IF. Team is currently managed by the almighty Henrik Larsson, but the quality of the league is so poor it's like watching paint dry. Been to a few games though, remember playing Chelsea in the late 90s, Gianluca Vialli on fire.

Do you support your local team?


Simen 1,019 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Simen

I've been in the middle of nowhere when it comes to local teams. In Norway the lower leagues (where my most local teams participate) are almost Sunday League level, and the elite teams aren't much better.

What I am trying to say is that there is some "town-rivalry" going on, which stopped me from supporting my most local elite division team "Sandefjord" when they joined the top flight some years ago. To elaborate further I kind of lost interest in Norwegian football when I realized that a team can come straight from 1st division, win the elite division, then relegate again in 2 seasons. It was more fun in the 90's when we had "Rosenborg" in their prime taking scalps around Europe beating Real Madrid and Juventus among others (I think Arsenal met them at one point in CL also although I cant remember the outcome).

Kind of an interesting discussion though, I got flamed on Twitter a few days ago for supporting Arsenal. A guy couldn't understand why I would support a team not in my country since it meant he would have to pay more for his season ticket. Oh, and he also told me I should stop "moaning" about high ticket prices, which is fun since that was the point of view I was trying to get through to him.

Morleys Mesut Özil > You and your mum, chief 4,431 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Morleys

Being from Walthamstow (I know you hate that place Ix), the closest clubs to me are probably Leyton Orient/Spurs. Where I live now I think Dagenham & Redbridge but I'm literally one road away from London.

Both my parents are born & bred Arsenal and used to be home and away so I had no choice in the matter regardless. I couldn't even fathom supporting another club, I like Madrid but that's about as far as it goes.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Ix Techau

Being from Walthamstow (I know you hate that place Ix)

Hah no, I just like to wind up Spurs supporters, I love Walthamstow! My best friend lives there so I'm there a lot. Lovely place. I once had an idea for a blog where I was going to become a Leyton Orient supporter for a year and document the journey. Going to all the games, etc. Never panned out, but still a cool idea to take a small local team and go all out.

Simen 1,019 pts
Posted about 9 years ago by Simen

There was a Norwegian comic strip who did this a couple of years ago (to be precise it was the comic strips web-redaction who blogged about it). They became Dag & Red supporters if I remember correctly, and although they didn't go to the games I think they kept it going for a while.

Now, as I am too lazy to check my facts here I wont give you any guarantees, but I think it was the comic called "Pondus" which is about a football fanatic who puts pride in knowing the most irrelevant facts about irrelevant teams in irrelevant divisions in the English (and other) league systems. The most popular and most read Norwegian comic of all time actually. I think they have translated many of the strips to English.

Edit: Turns out I'm not too lazy to research anyway. But they have updated their web-page since these articles were published, and the only trace I could find was a post on their Facebook-page linking to a deleted article.

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