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Arsenal fun
Created about 9 years ago · 18 comments
Fantastic interview with Danny Welbeck
Created about 9 years ago · 3 comments
Stadium Atmosphere
Created about 9 years ago · 13 comments

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i imagine him giving this testimonial in some smoky italian bar

Don't you mean "shower"?

Posted in Szczesny with a bit of sobering self insight

I think watching a whole video of passes back to the goalie has made me Italian...

Posted in Wojciech Szczesny vs Sevilla, every touch (video)

Boss on Welbeck: "He's not close because he has not started full training. He's at least three weeks away."

Posted in Injury Room bugs, inaccuracies, feature requests, etc

Are you being sarcastic?

I don't understand. Are you being sarcastic? This is some hardcore, meta-shit...

Posted in Hi, I'm Mesut Özil. AMA

I am pretty sure you need to have been offered a season ticket to become a silver member. But I there is very little info on how to acquire the different memberships so I'm not entirely certain

Posted in Red Membership

Hah! Just thought of this: what if own goals deducted a goal from the "scoring" teams tally instead of adding one to the opposing teams. Wonder how that would affect goal differences at the end of a season.

It would be worth it just to see Spurs with -1 goals scored though.

Posted in You're prime minister of football for one day, what do you change?

Yeah, that would be optimal, but it would also make an expectation that there could be NO errors made by refs. And seeing as many situations (hands inside the box and such) are very hard to determine even when watching replays this would probably cause even more frustration. The more realistic "complaint" system I proposed would make room for mistakes made by refs, but also an opportunity to correct some of them, on the cue of a disgruntled manager.

Posted in You're prime minister of football for one day, what do you change?

Allow video replays to be used a certain amount of times per game. So that a manager could (with very controversial desicions - penalties/red cards/injuries/etc.) use one "video slip" and get the situation reviewed for 1 minute by the referees with slow mo and everything.

Works fine with American football, cues a short commercial break (well, not good for the flow of the game, but good for the marketing and value of it). This also works fine with Hockey. This also gives room for better half time analysis' on commercial TV-channels with more income during the game itself.

Posted in You're prime minister of football for one day, what do you change?