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sacking him will not resolve all the problems around the club.. the players have let him and the club down..

He chose the players.

Posted in "I'll carry on here or elsewhere"

More power to him, but he is as much to blame as anyone else for arsenals failure in the past decade.

Posted in "I'll carry on here or elsewhere"

He should have announced his intention in July instead of milking all the unnecessary attention and distraction from the legitimate purposes of the team.

Posted in New Manager

With a gutless fraud as manager, the spinal fortitude will never come.

Posted in Bayern vs Arsenal · Champions League · 15 Feb 2017 · 19:45

Shipping that 4th goal shows just how poorly managed and mentally weak Arsenel are. I cannot wait for him to retire.

Posted in Bayern vs Arsenal · Champions League · 15 Feb 2017 · 19:45

Hopefully luck will favour us this time.

Wengers managerial approach perfectly summed up in 7 words...

Posted in The average points problem: why Arsenal will never again win the title under Wenger

That changes nothing, since academy development is, in wengers view, a renewable resource.

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

If they drop points here, tables will flip.

Posted in Arsenal vs Burnley · Premier League · 22 Jan 2017 · 14:15

Wenger warning of danger posed by Chinese money, yet at the same time warns of how if you buy, players become unsaleable due to wage bill. Doesn't this sort that issue? Also, doesn't the honorable wenger believe in homegrown talent? Wouldn't Chinese cash infusions help the epl as a whole improve their academies and therefore be able to produce streams of talent in house?

More contradictory bullshit from wenger, just setting up excuses for his inevitable failures.

Posted in Winter Transfer Window