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Can't play him. He played for Boro in the FA cup.

Posted in Recall Chambers!!

Bumping an old thread, as the winner of the league will have at least 81 points, as previously stated. Most we can have again (winning all 5 games here on out, which I doubt we will do unfortunately) is 75.

Posted in The average points problem: why Arsenal will never again win the title under Wenger

You're missing a vital point: Arsenal is not an American team. American sports and European sports are so far removed from each other in terms of how they work that it's not a comparison that can be made. What Kroenke does at American clubs is completely irrelevant.I still want anyone to offer any evidence that Kroenke is some sort of problem for Arsenal. The only negative I can think of is that he hasn't sacked Wenger yet, and that's it.

I know Arsenal is not an American team, but Kroenke is running it like one. There was a good analogy between Profit maximization of American teams/owners and win maximization of European football teams/owners on reddit. Kroenke is definitively a profit maximization owner. Has been with all of his teams. I don't see him changing his strategy which is what enabled him to buy Arsenal in the first place.

Posted in Why Arsenal isn't Arsenal under Kroenke

Ix, as an American who has lived in St. Louis, I will say Kroenke is known to do the absolute minimum to make his profits. This has been shown in his running of the Rams (NFL), Nuggets (NBA), and Avalanche (NHL). If they win championships during his ownership, that is a bonus, but that has NEVER been a priority of Kroenke. So Wenger and his philosophy has been completely perfect with Kroenke. He continues to make Champions League, and sells out the stadium. That is why he does not mind if your 4th paragraph is true or not (which, btw, I believe is true).

Posted in Why Arsenal isn't Arsenal under Kroenke

I've heard the richest man in Africa is planning in the next four years to be the new majority shareholder of Arsenal FC. Best of luck.

Aliko Dangote said that in September, btw.

Posted in Losing 4 games out of 5

He did say stop clock every time ball goes out of play on last 10 minutes, I believe. According to the articles asking Wenger his opinion on the offsides rule.

Personally, i would not mind his suggestions other than the offside rule change, and would not mind the offside rule change if there was a hockey offsides line in soccer. in other words, you cant be offsides unless you are past that offsides line and are closer than 2 defending players to the goal. But his other rules (the sinbin, penalty shootouts being old MLS style, stopping clock, captains only speaking to refs, and childrens games being 8 a side) I think might be good suggestions.

Van Basten's ideas include getting rid of the offside rule, replacing penalty shoot-outs with eight-second run-ups and introducing orange cards to send players to sin-bins for 10 minutes.

He has also proposed that players should be involved in fewer matches each season, that games should go straight to penalties without extra-time, children's games to be limited to eight-a-side, stopping the clock every time the ball goes out in the last 10 minutes and only allowing captains to speak to referees.

Posted in Marco van Basten suggests scrapping offside as part of his radical plans for football

Chinese club has made a huge offer for Sanchez, apparently. £900k/week salary. If we get £150m for him, would you sell? Could get Griezmann + Reus for that kind of money.

Not sure we can get Griezmann/Reus for that money, as supposedly a Chinese club is also offering 150 mill for PEA. Think Dortmund and Atletico would ask China for 100 each on those two quite possibly.

Posted in Winter Transfer Window

I think he would do well at Atletico Madrid as #10, he should go there.

He should go to a mid table team and play as #10, that's the best he can do.

Hmm. In 24 hours, you equated Atletico with a mid table team. Damn, I wish Arsenal was mid table then.

Posted in My beloved Cazorla <3

Out now for 6-8 weeks.

Posted in Poor Perez

You mean secondary assists, i.e the one who assisted the assister? I don't think they do. They have the data to figure it out though, but it's not a standalone stat. You can definitely look at every assist and see who made the pass before that. Haven't seen anyone do it, but I agree that it's an interesting and important stat.

Yes. That is what I mean -- sometimes the assist is not as important as the prior pass that opened the defense up. Would be nice to see that recorded somehow.

Posted in Alexis playing centrally