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Will do the draw soon, just been busy at work!

Hmm, well, since the motto of the site is "Laughing at Spurs, since 1886," and since my idea has so far been the only one that can get people to laugh at them, I feel like I should have a 75% chance of winning that shirt, no?

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This idea was so good I immediately coded it. Check the home page.

I LOVE it.

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Couple of suggestions:

1) Could you implement a way for us to preview our replies before we post them?

2) A small news section for current/any Arsenal news?

3) A clock that shows how long it has been since Sp*rs last won the League so that we can laugh at them.

4) With the line-up maker, would it also be possible to add in the opposing team's line up as well, so that instead of just seeing 11 guys on the pitch, we can potentially see all 22?

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There is no way a club like Leicester would be able to get away with that unnoticed.

Perhaps. But if they are legit, could use their doctors at Arsenal.

lol i cant believe people are seriously accusing the competition of cheating. this is the reason arsenal fans are so hated.

You obviously have not seen the (hilarious) online petition to get Leicester banned.

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Well that answers my stupid question.

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Training methods plays a part, so does style of play and squad depth - all of which are controlled by our manager.Because they're obviously better at dealing with, and preventing, injuries. What else would it be? Luck again?

Their recovery rates do suggest doping. Also, aren't our injury problems getting a little better?

I can't believe that if we finish below Leicester & Spurs that people would still want Arsene in charge.Has he set up a mass indoctrination programme?

Moreso that if he suddenly leaves, Arsenal could find themselves in the cesspit that Manchester United currently are in, unless we manage to land a really exceptional manager, and most exceptional managers are unfortunately already tied up.

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Motivation is irrelevant without tactics, and tactics are irrelevant without motivation. The players need a system to buy into that will allow them to fallback onto something certain when faced with unexpected adversity on the pitch.Arsenal is the most talented team in the prem, but the talent is just sent out onto the pitch without any coherent plan to either score goals or stop the other side from scoring. This is 100% on wenger. He is a dinosaur. They could spend 500 million on players, and they will continue to have the exact same struggles.

They do have a plan, and we've seen the fallbacks as well; albeit, they haven't been functioning well recently. Recently, the fallback has been "funnel the ball to Alexis, he'll make something happen," but that hasn't worked too well since he's been out of form. With our first XI with the Cazorla-Coquelin axis, our style of play was somewhat different. People place weight on expected goals, and we know that Arsenal are killing the league in that metric. So they're doing something right, even though there are a lot of structural issues on the pitch. What is really hurting Arsenal, apart from their issues, is their ridiculously awful conversion, and we saw that against Swansea and Southampton.

I agree with the notion that Wenger is slow to react. He prefers to give his players a couple of chances to play out of bad form before he drops the axe. I'd say that he is generally a long-term planner, but that argument kind of goes to crap if you look at how he has planned out his squad over the past couple of years.

The major problem with the current system was that Wenger persisted with the Coquelin-Ramsey pivot for far too long, when he should have scrapped it after Leicester at home. Neither of the two are good with regards to build-up and control, and Ramsey was trying to do way too much.

The problem here isn't that Ranieri is above us in the's that he is above us because he has managed to do in 10 months what Wenger has failed to do in 10 years. He has come up with a simple and elegant gameplan that exploits his players' strengths and weaknesses, and functions nicely in the domestic league.

Whilst aided and abetted by a healthy dollop of good fortune and various other factors that have gone their way. They are solid, of that there is no doubt. They're exceptional in their conversion rates, both for and against, and we all know that Kaspar Schmeichel isn't his father. In terms of xG at least, they aren't, whilst Arsenal are. Leicester will not be repeating this feat any time soon in all likelihood. We'd likely have accomplished the feat in 2013-14 during Ramsey's purple patch season if he and many others had managed to stay fit for the entire campaign. The aporphism "football is a game of fine margins" is very much true in my opinion.

Also, 2007-08 Arsenal had a pretty elegant gameplan and functioned nicely in the league.

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As opposed to us fans and random, unplanned events on the pitch which definitely cannot play any sort of part into motivating or demotivating players.

There's a reason we're known as a confidence based side and why we sometimes tend to score goals within minutes of each other.

And also, these emojis annoy me. >_>

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Sorry but I'm not buying misfortune and wonky decisions as the reasons this club is in an unacceptable state. We haven't won a game in almost a month now. That's just pure mismanagement.

Fair enough, that's your prerogative. But if you're solely blaming Wenger for the crap that's happened in past month, you're kind of sticking your head in the sand about this shituation. He deserves a lot of blame, but not all of it.

When Mr. Wenger's only tactical approach is too hope for lucky goals, then bad luck does explain this teams failure. The managers failure, however is attributable to his lack of a coherent tactical approach.

Lucky goals would be the long-range deflected strikes or wonder-strikes from teenagers that happen once in two blue moons.

Getting the ball into the danger zones and trying to score from there is not 'hoping for a lucky goal'. It's where teams are most likely to score from. If you'd rather Arsenal score all or most of their goals from outside the box, we'd be looking at a very different team. I honestly don't know why Arsenal are so inefficient these days, but long range hopeful strikes are even more inefficient.

I agree, Arsenal's tactical approach and set-up needs a lot of work. Some players need a kick up their ass as well.

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He keeps using two central midfielders instead of 3 which would work better for Arsenal with our current squad. He obviously keeps telling his players not to draw fouls from other team and to play 'nice', which has done f***-all for us. Obviously I do not want us to play dirty like some of the other teams, but a little more pragmatism wouldn't hurt, but would help us. He's taken steps towards being more pragmatic, but he needs to take more steps in that direction. He also needs to be more ruthless with his players. Some players have stalled in their development.

That said, we all know that he will not be sacked, and quite frankly, sacking him would be a disgraceful move. He's got one more year left on his contract. Arsenal should use that last year to find a suitable replacement and make the necessary steps to ensure that the change-over is as smooth as it can be.

~ Sorry, don't know why I could not include that small bit in my first post.

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