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Favourite Wenger XI

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Place your bets!!!
Created almost 8 years ago · 4 comments

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What is the meaning of this thread?

It's a bit of witty banter at Spurs expense. Comment on how you think they'll perform.

Posted in Place your bets!!!

I've done this before. Send me his address. I have 99% success rate. My only target that got away was Osama. The Americans beat me to it.

Posted in 2016-2017 Arsenal Report Prediction League

How long before a Chinese club tests our resilience? Would we say no to a £100m bid for Sanchez or Özil?

I'll trade Sanchez. Not sure about Ozil though. £100m and go crazy in the last few days of Transfer Window. But hold on... Will the Gafa spend it? Maybe not.

Posted in The almighty 2016-2017 summer transfer window thread