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If there is one good thing Liverpool have done...
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I like the concept but...

What is the value of purchasing the shares in players. How would we get a payoff. If I bought a % of Ozil I would expect some kind of dividend to hold. Otherwise it has no value to keep and thus to buy in the first place.

Maybe you could use a bitcoin/blockchain type setup to create unique "player cards" that have some kind of collectable value?

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their form is awful and ours is excellent. we 'should' smash them

Posted in Arsenal vs Tottenham · Premier League · 06 Nov 2016 · 12:00


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I prefer Gibbs

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Can we have top 4 trophies please also :D

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Expecting a big win this time

Posted in Watford vs Arsenal · Premier League · 27 Aug 2016 · 15:00

Whats the issue with spending money. We saw recently the success of the British cycling team because they had proper financial investment. Sure their rivals were bitter, but all that matters are the gold medals.

Arsenal should have been spending bigger for the last few years. Much bigger. We actually had a financial advantage over other clubs for the previous two years, but now with the TV deal that has been slashed.

We should not be proud that our club is hording the money we pay them, what exactly..let it depreciate? Being careful with money is not a story that exists anymore. The only even close to comparable club being affected was Leeds and it was a different era.

But as Ix states anyway, Wenger has both lost his draw for the top talent and his ability to win meaningful trophies.

Posted in Leicester vs Arsenal · Premier League · 20 Aug 2016 · 17:30

How about a positivity index, tack the fans positivity over a season. No idea how you would do it, probably would be really bias if it was just a vote, but if you could somehow find a metric to do it it would be quite interesting.

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Ohh and a top goal scorers chart, top appearances, most clean sheets.

And please finish some of the images of at least legendary players :D

Iove you xxxxxxxxxxxx

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It would be great to add some kind of ROI linked to the spending. We all talk about how spending money equals success, but what are the raw statistics based on that. It could be net spend or total. Ideally we would compare it to other clubs spending that season. You could compare lots of statistics with that like points accrued, games won, goals scored or conceded etc

Thinking about that, perhaps using the databases you have built you could create a simple analytics comparison system that allows the user to compare a couple of attributes. It could then output a graph that could be embedded in a post or shared over social with a comment.

Additionally I like the idea above of allowing users to build a formation/team (like the old tactics posts you used to write used), perhaps with some arrows to help explain points or suggest team lineups.

I think it would be great still to have a calendar of matches that automatically create an official match thread for comment the day of the game. It would then display a count down and allow voting. I know you did something like that previously and I thought it was great, just needed more features to get people engaged.

Another section of the site should be similar to the injury room, except for suspensions (Yellow and Red cards). How much time is missed through suspension. Who are the worst culprits etc.

The points on people's profiles could be season based. Perhaps rather than actual points you increase your ranking in the league table based on activity. Then if you do not post or interact you lose points and so drop down the table. You could build in divisions and winners achieve trophies each season. Then maybe you link it to the match threads, so if people interact in EPL threads they get league points and FA Cup they get cup points etc.

A clean Wisiwig would be easier rather than the Markdown.

It would be great to add a page that lists all of Arsenals cups, including some overall totals. I know you would make it looks sweet.

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