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Reports Sead Kolasinac agrees to sign for Arsenal?
Created about 7 years ago · 1 comments

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I think Mustafi is the definition of a bad defender. He's inconsistent and consistenly makes rash decisions.

I agree we need a cdm to replace Xhaka, Ndidi could be a good option .

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

Our first priority should be buying a quality centre back to replace god awful Mustafi. His performences this season have been horrible and inconsistent.

Koscielny isn't getting any younger, to fix our terrible back line we need two buy 2 world class cb's this summer.

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

Auba and Lacazette are two similar players. Although, they might work well together I doubt Wenger will play two strikers up front.

Posted in Ix Techau Karma Strikes Back

Draxler, Goretzka, Van Djik.

Posted in Who should we sign in the January transfer window?

Given that it may be our best chance of getting in to the Champions League next year we should start taking it bit more serious. I think if we don't start playing most of our first team players it could a big mistake.

Posted in Should we take the Europa League seriously?