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Flirting with impunity
Created over 7 years ago · 4 comments
a whiff of stink in the armory?
Created over 7 years ago · 27 comments
Poor Perez
Created over 7 years ago · 7 comments

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Still, you have to feel for the guy.....if Sanchez doesn't get injured....

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What? explain yourself.....and please include something about the aforementioned "allowance"....

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So you agree we have and have had a bigger problem than other teams, regardless of reason. Good.The reason why we've had these problems is up for debate, but general consensus is that it's a mixture of fixture congestion (being in the Champions League and getting far in domestic cups every year means lots of fixtures close together over long periods), training methods (Wenger's unwillingness to do strength and upper body training until very recently) and style of play (lots of possession means being tackled a lot, paired with the general 'kick them about' attitude other teams usually deploy against us).

Wow! Ix Techau are my new hero! devastatingly informed...

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Other examples Ix?

Fabianski, Gael Clichy, RVP, ....the list is endless!

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Is Diaby playing?

We broke him beyond repair

Posted in a whiff of stink in the armory?