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Mundungus 173 pts

Flirting with impunity

Posted by Mundungus almost 5 years ago · 4 replies

Can anything be done about this Kroenke turd? that allowance he has been giving himself that has nothing to do with the ticket price increase despite being EXACTLY the same amount? How can i face a Spur'm's fan and keep a straight face?


Mundungus 173 pts
Posted almost 5 years ago by Mundungus

What? explain yourself.....and please include something about the aforementioned "allowance"....

GOAT 185 pts
Posted almost 5 years ago by GOAT

Disliking Kroenke is a misdirection tactic by the WKB mafia. He actually hasn't done anything wrong, and the club is amazingly successful under his ownership.

Aren't they the same people calling for Wenger to leave?

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