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:: holds head in hands :: it sure looks that way. 5th/6th again.

Does anyone know why its always december? For a long time I've felt like that, no matter how aug-nov go, when we hit december it all goes down the toilet.

Posted in 2018-19 PL MATCHDAY THREAD

Can we atleast better Arsene's last 2 season worst finish (5th position)??? Looks highly doubt though...

:: holds head in hands :: it sure looks that way. 5th/6th again.

Posted in 2018-19 PL MATCHDAY THREAD

So, I'm hearing some fans theorize we might sell Lacazette in summer already... That can't be reasonable though, after the brutal season we've had. There might be some way he can regain some form and complement our forward fire power? Or is that wishful thinking?

(for the record, I was aghast that we signed him. He's not a bad player, I personally thought he was the last striker Arsenal needed)

Posted in Ix Techau Karma Strikes Back

HG feels like a must; though, there's a few potential stars in eddie nketiah, joe willock, reiss nelson, and a few others. If were talking transfers... what about someone like vincent thill?

That's all up front though, and we probably do have the fire power we need up front. Aside from jack butland, who could we put in the back line? For young players, I can only think daniele rugani?

edit: oh, what about jose gimenez?

Posted in 2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

Any thoughts on who his replacement will be?

Posted in Is Ox leaving?