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danielson116 620 pts

Is Ox leaving?

Posted by danielson116 almost 7 years ago · 25 replies

I've been seeing a lot of rumors that Ox is moving to another PL club (Liverpool, Man City). I'd be gutted if he did; he's not only one of my favorite players at the club (see my profile pic), but he also played a key RWB position at the end of the season, and played it well. Any truth behind these rumors, or is this just more gibberish that always gets thrown at Arsenal?


Omglol 3,323 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by Omglol

Yeah, he finally found his spot in the team at RWB position, before that he really underperformed, so let's hope we keep formation and make use of him.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by Ix Techau

I don't know why he would want to. Arsenal has always recognised his talent and played him whenever he was fit to be played, apart from a couple of form dips. It's not like he's out of favour at the club. He keeps mentioning how much he wants to play CM, so if that's a dealbreaker he might leave - he's not taking a CM spot at Arsenal any time soon. If he's smart though he'll recognise that his work rate and physique is perfect for playing RWB/RM.

Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 5,132 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by Gunner

The Ox can't leave unless the club allows him to and/or his contract expires. Having a player like him is very key to winning things.

If you recall, he was the one who assisted Monreal to help us beat City, assisted Xhaka and Welbeck against Man U, filled in for Gibbs when we needed a LWB, played as center midfield when Ramsey was injured with no more CM available, and even moved the ball quickly from defense to attack.

There is no one else that can do what he does and giving him away despite the fact we have enough money would be suicidal.

THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 4,636 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by THE POLICE

That's purely a rumor.. Coz he will rotten the bench more than often at the reportedly interested clubs Liverpool & ManCity..

U wot
u wot m9
Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 5,132 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by Gunner

I heard that Liverpool offered 30 million for the Ox. If Arsenal were to sell, be a but like everyone else and ask for an overinflated transfer fee like Pogba, Mbappe, Belotti, Bale, Higuain, Suarez, Lacazette, and even Ross Barkley.

Little niggle
Little bit niggle
danielson116 620 pts
Posted almost 7 years ago by danielson116

The problem is that he wants to be a cm, but hes never gonna get playing time in the centre if he stays. He's so good at our RWB slot but he apparently doesn't enjoy it as much as cm

Ok mate
0sprey 70 pts
Posted over 6 years ago by 0sprey

Any thoughts on who his replacement will be?

Mate Kiddleton 1,512 pts
Posted over 6 years ago by Mate Kiddleton

Bellerin. No seriously, Bellerin. We bought Kolasinac for the left, we have Bellerin for the right. Wenger of course will play Bellerin on the left and leave Kolasinac on the bench.

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