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Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 5,132 pts

2018-2019 Summer Transfer Window

Posted by Gunner over 1 year ago · 51 replies

This is very early, but we need to start planning ahead of time. We need transfers in order to reach the top. It could both players and board that we can discuss on leaving or joining Arsenal.

We have the money to spend and need to splash it early before we get hijacked. We have an easier time getting players when we get them early (Xhaka, Kolasinac, etc.).

The early stages should be for signing the starters and the rest of the season, signing unknown players for unknown leagues that have world-class potential.


THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 4,581 pts
Posted 9 months ago by THE POLICE

Adrien Rabiot, Yacine Brahimi, Hector Herrera, Juan Mata and Diego Godin from free agents this summer???

Uh, "no"...
0sprey 70 pts
Posted 7 months ago by 0sprey

What are thoughts your on getting top 4? I'm 50/50 right now.

THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 4,581 pts
Posted 7 months ago by THE POLICE

with the small transfer budget available for this summer, we should definitely make some scoop of better players from free transfers...

Little niggle
Little bit niggle
THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 4,581 pts
Posted 7 months ago by THE POLICE

Héctor Herrera - Much needed steel in Central Midfield

Yacine Brahimi - Goal scoring Winger

Ander Herrera OR Adrien Rabiot - Box to Box Player

Juan Mata - To replace Mikha or Ozil ?!?!?!

Also we could make some calculated risk with few experienced squad players...

Alberto Moreno or David Luiz ??? Or even an ambitious offer for Diego Godin???

Uh, "no"...

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