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Arsene Wenger on the ExpG/xG method + transfers in January

Posted by Ix Techau almost 3 years ago · 3 replies

On statistics at Arsenal:

After a match I always look at statistics because I want to know if it confirms what I see. Sometimes it denies what I've seen, sometimes it gives you a perspective as well, but I never ignore my gut feeling.

Does some statistics like expected goals (xG) dictate your team selection?

Of course, but I don't need the statistics to know that if I don't put any player with an expected goal per game number I would play ten defenders, so of course it plays a part.

Does the xG method tell you that Aaron Ramsey would score more goals if played centrally?

Yes of course. I played Ramsey wide because I played very creative and very offensive players through the middle and Ramsey could adapt more than anybody else on the flank. But I left him a lot of freedom. I also feel that when players play against the line they shorten their technique because they have less room to play, and when they come back in the middle they are more efficient. Now that Ramsey is back in the middle you can see there is an evolution there.

What was your reaction when you found out you'll meet Barcelona in the Champions League [again]?

Excited, because you think that mathematically they can't win everything every we might have a chance. We think we can beat them. We did it with Bayern.

Will you be looking for reinforcements in the January transfer window?

Yes. We are short. We need to do something. I'd love to give you some names downstairs over a cup of coffee, but not in front of your camera.