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danielson116 620 pts

Is Ox leaving?

Posted by danielson116 almost 7 years ago · 25 replies

I've been seeing a lot of rumors that Ox is moving to another PL club (Liverpool, Man City). I'd be gutted if he did; he's not only one of my favorite players at the club (see my profile pic), but he also played a key RWB position at the end of the season, and played it well. Any truth behind these rumors, or is this just more gibberish that always gets thrown at Arsenal?


Omglol 3,323 pts
Posted over 6 years ago by Omglol

I have a feeling we chased him, to make a profit, rather than he wanting to leave. Hope I'm wrong. But to sell the player that you nursed for 6 years, to rival that trashed you 4-0 a few days before, it's like the club working on some global mental testing of people resilience.

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