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RC13AFC 54 pts

New Manager

Posted by RC13AFC 5 months ago · 33 replies

Please take part in my new poll called "New Manager?"


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,049 pts
Posted 4 months ago by Ix Techau

Replacing Wenger will not solve all the problems.. we need an players & backroom staff overhaul as well...

I'm gonna say what I said on Reddit when someone said they wanted Eddie Howe because we'll be shit either way:

I think you're looking too much at Man Utd when drawing this conclusion, and I disagree with the assessment. Man Utd was exposed in the transition for actually not having a very good team in general. SAF was the ultimate key to success, not the players. For decades, Man Utd was run by an iron fist, squeezing every ounce of talent out of mediocre players using fear and aggression. Poor game? I'll kick a boot in your face and sell you to Real Madrid at the height of your career. Etc.

Moyes brought in players to serve his system, then Van Gaal brought in players for his system and now Mourinho is not only past his prime but also stuck with a Frankenstein set of players who weren't ever meant to play in the same system. It's going to take years for them to have a coherent squad again, especially since Mourinho's modus operandi seems to be to just buy whatever £50m+ players he can get and hope for the best.

I think the situation at Arsenal is the complete opposite. Whoever comes in will inherit a squad of very good players that all belong to the same system. The dressing room atmosphere is fantastic and there is plenty of talent in the squad. This is a great place to start a new era. Our board also wouldn't allow knee jerk reactions like they did at Man Utd, ending up with three managers in three years.

Whether it's Howe or not I don't really have an opinion. But whoever it is, we need someone who is up to date in football tactics and willing to take more risks than Wenger. High risk = high reward. That is how the Premier League works.

Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 4,152 pts
Posted 4 months ago by Gunner

Agreed or if we can't to have Wenger change a little such as actually going all out to get the players we need to form the new golden age.

Posted 3 months ago by Maxi_Gooner

I don't know if Allegri wants to work with Gazidis and Josh Kroenke after two great experiences at great club with structure like Juventus and AC Milan.

Allegri had a problem with Bonucci last week. He spoken with Marotta (sporting director), Pavel Nedved (vice chairman), Andrea Agnelli (chairman) and sent the player out of squad for the CL game against Porto.

Who are our Marotta, Nedved and Agnelli?

Same words for his experience with AC Milan with two important figures like Adriano Galliani (current sporting director and CEO) and Ariedo Braida (important board member).

Who are our Galliani and Braida?

Wenger is alone, and isn't his fault if Gazidis, Friar, Kroenke Senior and Junior aren't interested about the football like him. Since we lost DD and failed to reach an agreement with Houllier and Remi Gàrde, Arsène has been the only man to control the football aspect of the club.

The interview with BT Sport is important and needs to be analyzed. I'm tired of banters and flame on this forum. I want to discuss. If anyone prefer to blame and to be funny, sincerely, I will log-out and will try to talk about Arsenal on another platforms. For me it's hard to talk about Arsenal with my friends because they are italian, they don't follow too much the Premier League and they don't know how to say. This is the only space to reduce the distance with the club which I love since I was kid.

Please, talk about the problems of this club and not limit our discussion about the banters and bullshits. It's simple to attack the WRONG AND CRAZY CHOICES made by the manager yesterday and during the last years, but our problem is much big and too underrated.

WE HAVEN'T A STRUCTURE IN OUR CLUB and this is much worse than a problem with the manager.

If anyone will watch the interview with BT Sport, will note how is passional Arsène Wenger to explain our situation. When talked about the board (lack of support from them) and the next level, opened the eyes and his face changed expression. I never saw him like now.

We want Allegri to replace him but can Allegri performs good without any structure behind him? Not. All the managers will fail if Arsenal will not change.

The problem isn't (only) Arsène, but the board.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,049 pts
Posted 3 months ago by Ix Techau

The problem isn't (only) Arsène, but the board.

But that isn't correct. The board has nothing to do with our performances on the pitch. Absolutely nothing. They don't decide how we train our players. They don't decide what strategy we use. They don't decide what system we're playing against what opponent. They don't decide the shape, they don't decide the formation. They don't decide what players to buy, they don't decide what coaches to bring in.

You know who does all of the above? Arsene Wenger.

If Wenger really wanted a director of football or a sporting director or a £100m player or whatever...he would get it. The board has said on numerous occasions that if Wenger wants to spend, he can spend. There is no other reason for them to say that other than it's true. If this wasn't true, they would say nothing instead.

I agree that a club needs good structure and that we need people like David Dein at the club...but let's not forget who is in charge of Arsenal. It's not Gazidis or Kroenke. It's Arsene Wenger. And HE has decided he doesn't need help on the footballing side.

If Wenger called Kroenke tomorrow and said he needed a DoF and a SD, we'd have both positions filled by Thursday.

poodris 2,511 pts
Posted 3 months ago by poodris

Or we should give up the title chase to become cl winners, like everyone is going Leicester is going to do. :p

THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 2,740 pts
Posted 3 months ago by THE POLICE

After yesterday's game against WBA (Fans protest & player's lack of ambition), its more likely that AW leaves at the end of this season...

I really feel pity for him coz of the way he's being treated by the fans (so called true fans???), the pundits (who thinks they know it all!!!) and now by the players (whom Wenger trusted the most even during hard time...)

Come at me bro
Come at me bro
Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 4,152 pts
Posted 3 months ago by Gunner

I get that people don't like the results right now but like THE POLICE said, the fans should not be a bunch of jerks to players and manager if they don't perform well. That makes them more likely to do worst and that also makes them want to leave the club.

Little niggle
Little bit niggle
Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,049 pts
Posted 3 months ago by Ix Techau

I get that people don't like the results right now but like THE POLICE said, the fans should not be a bunch of jerks to players and manager if they don't perform well. That makes them more likely to do worst and that also makes them want to leave the club.

The problem is that I (like many other supporters) pay thousands of pounds every year in different club-run schemes in order to fund things like Wenger's £8.3m/year salary. He earns £947 per hour, seven days a week, all year round. He is not paid by the board, he is paid by the supporters. If there were no supporters, there would be no money.

So if I pay Wenger's salary, which I do indirectly, I should at least be able to express dissent if I think he is mismanaging the club I have supported since before he even knew they existed. That's not being a jerk, nor is it being disrespectful.

If you do a bad job at your work place and get fired, it has nothing to do with disrespect or being a has to do with your performance. If you don't perform according to the minimum needed to stay competitive, then you should get fired. If you over a ten-year period keep making the exact same mistakes over and over again, then you should get fired.

That's it. It's nothing personal against Wenger.

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