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TopTopQuality 2,753 pts

Squad imbalance 2015/16

Posted by TopTopQuality about 4 years ago · 27 replies

Midfielders playing on wings. The game is always narrow.

Only Giroud as a viable CF options.

Ozil the Invisible is our playmaker. Still can't get over Ix saying that his "off the ball movement" is one of his main strengths. That's just desperate. Ok, if he was a striker, their off the ball movement is important. But he's a number 10, it's what he does WITH the ball that counts. Also, he can't score. His final ball is always low, so when the opposition parks the bus he's completely neutralised. All that side-ways passing. By comparison Fabregas or even Alex Song could neutralise the defense by providing a lobbed ball to a striker who makes a good run.

The truth is this will most likely be another season of finishing 3rd-4th.

And Wenger with his "loyalty". Just like he stuck all the way with Diaby, he'll stick with Ozil "the shrinking violet" until the bitter end. I'd have thought he wants to win the league or even Champions League before he retires. But no, let's show loyalty to the players. Just get rid of Ozil and get a proper winger and a good CF! We have haf a dozen players who can play behind Giroud better than Ozil. Maybe central strikers are in short supply now, but there are good wingers available.

Ramsey is clearly frustrated playing out of position. It shows when he selfishly shoots instead of passing to someone in a better position.

All these years of poverty, selling best players every year, I had hope that one day when money isn't an issue Wenger will assemble a superb squad and will dominate England and Europe. And now we have this bullshit.


TopTopQuality 2,753 pts
Posted about 4 years ago by TopTopQuality

Even Monreal has better off the ball movement. Remember that run he made to create space for Sanchez, who then scored that screamer vs Aston Villa in the Cup final.

AWassist 1,486 pts
Posted about 4 years ago by AWassist

Don't know about started, and would depend on how you define winger. Was Podolski a winger? And so on. But the last time we had a system with two actual wingers was probably Invincibles (Ljungberg + Pires), but even then you could argue that neither Ljungberg nor Pires was a natural winger.I'd probably count Podolski as a winger, so I'd guess that the last time we started with two wingers was when Podolski and Theo started on each flank, if that ever happened. If it did, I assume we won 23-0 as wingers is obviously the solution to all our problems. ;)

We had Theo and Ox with Giroud upfront against hammers for atleast 25 minutes. We just need to fine tune our movement during the game. I cant remember Ramsey making run or our play makers having two or three options upfront. We made poor decisions and our players had direct shot at keepers. Disappointing game we had but Squad wise we are not imbalanced at all.

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