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Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts

Arsenal Report v4

Posted by Ix Techau almost 8 years ago · 76 replies

Ok here's the deal: the site is getting a visual makeover and will have a handful of new features added (and some removed). I already have a list of ideas ranging from super cool to super dumb, but before I get started I want to hear your ideas for how we can improve the site.

Best of all: We're giving away THREE Arsenal shirts to participants in this thread, as thanks for getting involved. Home, away, third...your choice. I'll pick two winners based on their suggestions, and then let's do the third one random.

Sounds good? Good. Get started. I'm open to any suggestions, ranging from colour schemes to brand new features to suggestions about removing stuff...really anything. I'm mostly interested in how we can make the Transfer Centre and Injury Room better, as those are our primary features, but to anything.

Here's a summary of (realistic) ideas so far:

  • Lineup/Formation maker (like lineupbuilder and all those, but something that doesn't look like absolute dog shit)
  • Historic kits
  • Countdown timer to next game
  • Arse-O-Pedia (Arsenal encyclopedia)
  • St Totteringham's Day through history
  • Suspensions section
  • Activity based forum karma points (you lose points for not being active)
  • WYSIWYG for posts and comments
  • All-time trophy room
  • Positivity index (perhaps based on #WengerOut trends)
  • Quiz
  • Videos section
  • Transfer Centre: ROI chart
  • Transfer Centre: Countdown timer to transfer window
  • Transfer Centre: Transfer rumours and linked player
  • Injury Room: % of first team squad matches lost to injury, overall and by position
  • Comment previews before posting
  • News feed
  • Injury comparisons between all Premier League clubs


chitkoko 10 pts
Posted almost 8 years ago by chitkoko

I would like to suggest. Head to Head result show before the match.

DJ 115 pts
Posted almost 8 years ago by DJ

For the match picking leader board, it would be nice if the rankings considered cumulative results vs. having a 100% record on a small sample. For example, my % increased after the PSG match but my ranking got worse -- am guessing some new people picked correctly in their first pick.

For example, this could be a minimum number of picks to be eligible based on matches played or a system where you get points for correct picks and rank based on that instead of percent.

DJ 115 pts
Posted almost 8 years ago by DJ

I've since noticed your reply on the PSG match thread. Could address in one of a couple ways: * matches to be eligible increases as the season goes on (e.g. at least 1/2 or 3/4 of total played season to date) * award separate prizes (such as they are) for first and second half of seasons and overall to give new members something to participate in


DJ 115 pts
Posted almost 8 years ago by DJ

Is this DJ the djdt or whatever the shit his name was on twitter?

Nope. Just a guy whose initials are D and J.

saimpot 168 pts
Posted almost 8 years ago by saimpot

Nope. Just a guy whose initials are D and J.

Darl Jenkinson?

DJ 115 pts
Posted almost 8 years ago by DJ

Nobody guessed Djorou, Johan? In any case, it's not any of those or even remotely as interesting.

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