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Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 13,509 pts

Feature requests, bug reports, etc

Posted by Ix Techau about 2 years ago · 284 replies

Use this thread to report any bugs you come across, or to suggest any new/fun features for the platform.

Last three updates (you can see a detailed changelog here):

v3.61 (28 Jan 2017)
  • Code refactoring started, site should become faster over the next few weeks
  • Complete revamp of the mobile site nav + mobile optimisations
  • Style tweaks all over
v3.6 (26 Jan 2017)
v3.5 (25 Jan 2017)
  • New branding for 2017, across all platforms
  • New notifications style
  • Small visual tweaks to match threads


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 13,509 pts
Posted almost 2 years ago by Ix Techau

Currently in the process of re-thinking how the 'popular' tab works on the homepage. Currently it's sorted by a calculated weighted score based mainly on up/down votes...but no one is actually using this feature, so the homepage isn't accurately showing the most popular threads.

Either the up/downvoting feature isn't clear enough, or it's simply a crap system. I think I'm gonna keep it for now, but put more weight on thread activity.

The homepage is going to be a bit weird for a few days until this weighting has propagated. After that the homepage should be more representative of what is actually the most popular content.

STUART 486 pts
Posted almost 2 years ago by STUART

Love your eye for detail in your design work Ix.

This is a really dull suggestion but.., I couldn't find a recover password option.

Mani 72 pts
Posted almost 2 years ago by Mani

Seeing as how I was on 39t.... Could I get an original member tag?

I just really like the design and color combination for it >.>




Mani 72 pts
Posted almost 2 years ago by Mani

Actually, should make a 'was on 39t' tag.

I'd be okay with that.

Consider this a polite reminder? kthnxplz.

STUART 486 pts
Posted almost 2 years ago by STUART

Oh I was on too hence the attempt first for password recovery. I wasn't that active though

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