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Premier league Sunday 14 Aug 2016, 16:00 · Sky Sports 1

3d pitch
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Arsenal win Draw Liverpool win
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Posted over 7 years ago by FutureGunner

I see knockdowns to Ramsey who slots them home. Please guys keep the shots on frame!!!

medintern 196 pts
Posted over 7 years ago by medintern

Dumb questions -- what is a 26.4 projection mean? On scale of 1-10, what is a 26.4 -- as the 2 of our top 3 for us predicted by Dribble are not playing.

Edit-- and I knew I shouldnt do my prediction before seeing the lineup.

poodris 2,818 pts
Posted over 7 years ago by poodris

Klopp is a fraud.

Well, apparently, a fraud makes a much better tactician than some arrogant senile French fool who is living in the 90s.

VA10 Football God 4,806 pts
Posted over 7 years ago by VA10

Nothing beats one of those "what the fuck is happening can someone break someone's leg until we wake up oh wait it's too late we've already conceded 4 goals" moments for a proper adrenaline rush.

osoneill 35 pts
Posted over 7 years ago by osoneill

Badly missing Sanogo.

Uh, "no"...

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