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THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 3,106 pts

Alexis & Ozil - Its complicated!!!

Posted by THE POLICE 8 months ago · 27 replies

Mesut Ozil & Alexis Sanchez still unhappy with Arsenal contract offers

Surely Ozil & Alexis are not about to jump ship?

Could Arsenal lose Ozil or Sanchez?

Less than two days after Arsenal’s excellent 5-1 win away at West Ham, the Evening Standard have a worrying report, if you are a Gooner.

Incredibly, considering how well run Arsenal are as a club, both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have just 18 months left on their current deals at the north London club.

Both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are out of contract at Arsenal come the end of the 2017/2018 season.

Ozil & Sanchez want pay parity with Paul Pogba

On Monday morning, well connected Evening Standard reporter James Olley has exclusively reported that talks with both Ozil and Sanchez have stalled on new contracts.

The Arsenal pair want pay parity with the very best earner in the Premier League right now. Manchester United’s Paul Pogba earns 290,000 pounds a week.

Alexis & Ozil

Ozil currently brings in 140,000 pounds every week. Whilst Alexis Sanchez earns 130,000 pounds a week.

Arsene Wenger earns 160,000 pounds a week at Arsenal.

Arsenal offer 200,000 pounds a week

The Standard add that Arsenal have offered their two star players 200,000 pounds a week.

But this is still some way behind Pogba and other well paid Manchester United stars such as Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

It looks like Mesut Ozil is much more likely to stay at Arsenal, having bought a house in north London.

But, Ozil gave an interview last week to Marca where he talked about returning to Real Madrid.

Sanchez the likelier to leave

The Evening Standard report that Alexis Sanchez is more likely to leave Arsenal.

In September, the Chilean superstar told Sport: “I have reached a level where I can compete with great players. I do not feel inferior to anybody. I liken [my qualities] to Messi and Ronaldo. I have the same abilities as them.”

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly earns 365,000 pounds a week at Real Madrid. Whilst Leo Messi is also in contract negotiations with Barcelona.

Arsenal remain hopeful of both Ozil and Sanchez signing new contracts, the way both are playing right now it would be a huge surprise were they not too.

This article from a good source in the Evening Standard, could well be the final negotiating tactic from the two Arsenal stars.


Morleys Mesut Özil > You and your mum, chief 4,405 pts
Posted 7 months ago by Morleys

Pogba is hundred percent not overrated. All you have to do is watch him play 90 mins to see how good of a footballer he is, not really his fault that the team around him and his manager is tragic

Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 4,174 pts
Posted 4 months ago by Gunner

Also, we should be a little less concern about profit. I don't mind if we do earn profit, just as long as we don't cheap out because of it like Suarez or Alonso.

You do that
Ok, you do that
Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 4,174 pts
Posted 4 months ago by Gunner

And we need to get the players early so we don't have to go to the next season with the same problems again

THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 3,106 pts
Posted 2 months ago by THE POLICE

If the contract saga drags over, its better to sell Alexis & Ozil and bring in the Dortmund duo M. Reus & P. Aubameyang!!!

THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 3,106 pts
Posted about 2 months ago by THE POLICE

After a magnificent season, it will be pity to see Alexis leaving the club... If its purely for football matters, i wish him good luck at a new club..

Little niggle
Little bit niggle
THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 3,106 pts
Posted about 1 month ago by THE POLICE

Ian Wright has told Bayern Munich that they can have Alexis Sanchez this summer if they offer Robert Lewandowski to Arsenal in a trade.

Paul Merson fears Alexis Sanchez could leave Arsenal for Manchester City this summer, but says the Gunners should look to take Sergio Aguero in exchange.

Charlie Nicholas also sees the Gunners parting with their Chilean forward this summer, but would like to see Arsene Wenger get Alexandre Lacazette

Little niggle
Little bit niggle
THE POLICE Arsenal Forever!!! 3,106 pts
Posted about 1 month ago by THE POLICE

After watching Alexis cameo on Chile vs Cameroon game: If Alexis don't sign a contract extension, let him go abroad... PSG or Bayern or Juventus.... But definitely not to ManCity at any cost.. He will haunt us more than RVP to ManUtd..

Uh, "no"...

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