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VA10 Football God 4,806 pts

Matchday Thread - Bayern v Arsenal - 4 November 2015

Posted by VA10 over 8 years ago · 29 replies

0-0 is a positive result. That means the game starts with positive scoreline for us. Defend like our lives depends on it. We might even catch them frustrated and error prone around 75th minuteish if it's still 0-0. Cech; Debuchy-Gabrien-Per-Koscielny-Monreal; Coquelin-Santi-Ozil; Alexis-Giroud.


STUART 486 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by STUART

Teams like Barca, Real, PSG and Bayern are in very uncompetitive leagues. They can horde the top talent and cruse through their leagues focusing on the ECL. Their fixtures are even made easier by their leagues to help them in Europe.

The EPL is rightly focused on making itself the best and most competitive league. I am not saying it is, but that is its focus. All the other leagues actually just prop up their 1 or 2 top clubs and help them challenge in Europe.

Honestly I don't care about the ECL anymore. This is not based on this result.

Wenger seems to agree this season and has clearly focused more on the EPL.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Ix Techau

Sorry, but I think we're in for an annihilation today. 5-0 or 6-0 wouldn't surprise me. We have this false sense of superiority after winning the first game, but I doubt Bayern will underestimate us twice in a short time period. They're at home, they're destroying the Bundesliga, they have Robben back, and they want to put things right.

Obviously it's football so anything can happen, but it's going to be 90 very long minutes.

Omglol 3,323 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Omglol

David Ospina

Tomáš Rosický

Danny Welbeck

Jack Wilshere

Mikel Arteta

Aaron Ramsey

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Theo Walcott

Héctor Bellerín

Ramsey, Theo, Jack, Ox, Rosicky and Wellbeck are all type of players that can hurt bayern and we miss them. Lets not forget Bellerin this year hero.

Alexis look out of form, Joel is hot/cold, and Debuchy havent give us much hope last few games(fine he never had run of games to recover any form)If we get point out of this it will be magnificent.

We need that point if we are to stay in CL, the only hope is that santi/coq/ozil work magnificent, but with Bayern pressing that has slim chances.

Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Ix Techau

This game is yet another example of why I dislike Pep Guardiola. His teams have this aura of entitlement and smugness about them that I can't put my finger on exactly how it manifests itself. It's how the players carry themselves, it's all the overacting pantomime from Guardiola on the sidelines about every single's a whole list of small things that combine into something evil.

It's stuff like the whole ticket pricing smugness...yeah but you didn't pay for your stadium, did you Bayern? You're not paying off a 50-year loan. The government paid for the stadium, and the construction company was awarded the contract because of bribery on a political level. Of course you can charge €13 per adult or whatever it is.

And it's things like how they celebrate, as if they were entitled to scoring all along, it was just a matter of time.


Ix Techau Evil Mastermind 14,278 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Ix Techau

My biggest problem here is that Bayern are clearly much better in general. We know this. Wenger knows this. The players know this. Everyone on the planet knows this. So why on earth are we playing as if they aren't? I will never in my life understand Wenger's "they'll have to worry about us" mentality. Why are we using the same shape and gameplan against Bayern as we do against Swansea? It's not Bayern that have to worry about us, WE have to adapt to their game in order to win.

Complete reluctance to adapt to opposition. All day on Twitter people were speculating about Flamini maybe starting on the right wing instead of Campbell, in order to improve defensively down that flank. And these are normal people with zero experience as football managers. But no, we start Campbell...and what happens? Completely annihilated down that flank all day long as Campbell struggled with defensive duties.

Morleys Mesut Özil > You and your mum, chief 4,431 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Morleys

People actually care about this result and it baffles me. Thought we weren't even too bad and that Özil & Giroud were great.

Dead rubber imo, just have to hope we batter both Olympiacos & Zagreb whilst Bayern do the same. Or we go into the Europa League and treat it like a fancy Carling Cup

poodris 2,818 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by poodris

So bayern can ensure arsenal is kept out of the round of 16 by giving up points against olympiakos

Omglol 3,323 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Omglol

IX what kind of tactic you want? It was same player behavior like vs Sheffield. Per even had arrogance to say it in front of camera, that they played without courage.

What kind of team lose will to fight and courage after 10 min. I have seen shit teams have will to fight and win vs huge teams.Olympiakos managed to give Bayern great fight and don't collapse until 90 min. Bayern had x10 more desire and will to fight for every ball.

We went deep yet we gave them so much space to move so much time on the ball its joke. Players were afraid to step up and fight for a Champion League. If this kind of games don't motivate them, then what will ?????

Mate Kiddleton 1,512 pts
Posted over 8 years ago by Mate Kiddleton

Don't think tactics could've saved us tonight. Bayern's movement was too good, I was having trouble tracking them visually let alone the players on the pitch.

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