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Wenger is finished

Posted by TopTopQuality 7 months ago · 46 replies

If you watched last night's shithousery against PSG, you know that Arsenal played like shit and a fair score would've been 5-1 to PSG (thanks to Cavani the donkey).

Here is a wonderful write up about why Arsenal are so shit. It's probably the best article I've ever read about Arsene Wenger's football.

Basically it doesn't matter who plays for Arsenal. Wenger is the problem. He could easily turn Messi and Luis Suarez into donkeys.

Wenger is the man of yesterday. His time is up. An old dog can't learn new tricks.

Here are some important extracts:

"Arsenal play with an improvisational, near-positionless form in possession. The players are allowed to move freely off of the ball, often roaming between spaces in search of the next opening rather than staying in their positions and waiting for space to open...

...It can make for some beautiful football if the players link up effectively...

...It’s extremely difficult to score goals like these without fluid positioning, but no team can reasonably expect to score 80 improvisational goals in a season — and that’s Arsenal’s problem....

...Without a clear and explicit guideline for their positioning, though, Arsenal’s shape often becomes disconnected. The problems appear as soon as they start bringing the ball out of defense. Despite playing with three central midfielders, without any positional directive, only one of them typically drops back to receive a pass from the center backs...

...This creates two problems: (1) the defenders don’t have as many options to advance the ball to, and (2) if the central midfielder does get the ball, he’s then disconnected from the other two midfielders, which then makes it harder for him to advance the ball.

... it’s fairly easy for any smart pressing team to cover the gaps between the Arsenal midfield... With the dropping midfielder alone in deep positions, Arsenal’s opponents can block his few passing lanes easily while also covering the two Arsenal midfielders higher up...

...Arsenal are able to create overloads due to their fluid movement, but they’re all too often arranged in a straight line, rather than a triangle, which negates all the advantages that come from overloading. As a result of these straight lines, the number of passing options is limited and, in some cases, the attackers simply get in the way of their teammates...

...Even with such a critical deficiency in their football, Arsenal can often rely on their individual talents to get by... Although Arsenal can still challenge in most games through their talent, it certainly seems like the lack of structured strategy limits the team’s potential...

.... In the open and fast-paced Premier League, the rarity of defensive compactness has suited Arsenal’s attackers, who can find space more easily and create the kinds of high-quality chances that expected goals loves. But part of the reason they haven’t advanced beyond the Round of 16 in the Champions League since 2010 is that continental teams don’t allow the same kind of space at the back...

...After a decade without clear evolution, will Wenger ever change? ... The likes of Xhaka and Pérez will undoubtedly improve their play, but Wenger’s free-form attacking structure will not get the most out of them. It hasn’t got the most out of anyone in a long time...


TopTopQuality 2,541 pts
Posted 7 days ago by TopTopQuality

TTQ, join my new poll called, "Should TTQ be out?"

Seriously though, why don't you prove me that I'm wrong instead of trying to shut me up?

I know why, because you don't have anything of substance to say.

You're all touchy feely and completely lack pragmatism

THE POLICE 1,873 pts
Posted 7 days ago by THE POLICE

Oh come on.. You still finding stats to prove that Ozil is a fraud.. dont bark on us...

Every club had a tough period and we are going through it now.. Instead of getting behind the club, showing your intelligence in getting Wenger Out will serve nothing but hatred among the supporters like us.

Do you have any valid stats to prove that if Wenger leaves, we will become League & European Champions??? Liverpool still searching for League glory for past 2 decades with loads of Managers in charge and ask them how hard to finish in Top 4 every season is.. (you literally took the Top 4 spot as granted indeed)

And I seriously condemn on your previous comment: And it merely shows how brainless you're... "If he actually stays on as manager after this season, I will print an A0 portrait of him and film myself pissing on it, then burn it and upload it to ytoutube"

Gunner Gunners fire long distance screamers at people 3,256 pts
Posted 6 days ago by Gunner

I know you love Wenger, TTQ, and I do too. However, our squad looks boring because of how consistent we are at not winning anything for some reason no matter what.

We need someone new that can make Arsenal great again. Wenger is old and he needs a good break from the club. It is a stressful job that he's been doing for 21 years.

The league is more competitive and I'm not waiting for Wenger to die from an anxiety attack because we are too stubborn and lazy to find a new manager.

Time for change WENGEROUT

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