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Alexis playing centrally

Posted by TopTopQuality 5 months ago · 105 replies

Wenger has finally seen the light. Everyone says that Sanchez is playing CF but in reality he's our n10 now. Or you could also say it's a 4-4-2 with Walcott and Sanchez as the 2 strikers.

Sanchez is a creative goal scorer, and he flourishes as such. Walcott isn't creative but he's a pacey goal scorer who makes good runs. And they complement each other very well.

Ozil is now playing deeper or on wings. Nitice how he has ZERO assists as of today. I actually like Ozil playing as more of a number 8.

And it probably means we've seen the last of Giroud. Have nothing against him personally, he seems to be a top bloke. But as a footballer he's not suited to Arsenal. He should probably go somewhere like Juventus, PSG, Atletico or Bayern.

And quite possibly Ozil playing deeper and having so many other central midfielders, means that Ramsey's Arsenal career is nearing its end. And I'm ok with it.

As a CM he's useless - no discipline, always ends up in the box, he thinks he's a striker.

On wings he's better but that's not his best position.

His best position is n10, like he plays for Wales. But he won't get a game in that position at Arsenal.


Poom 233 pts
Posted 2 months ago by Poom

Arsenal are always capable of attracting such talents... but retaining them is a big headache now!!!

I'd say it's much less of a headache now than 5 years ago.

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